The Momster Inc.

Knock knock !..who’s there?

its me hell

hell whoo?( read as helloooo🤝🏻 for the tired minds)

namaste please🙏🏻!

This year was totally determined to challenge Darwin…..dint spare even Trump..I could imagine him swearing 🙉relentlessly at the virus😜. Well…cant blame Trump here…there are certain days when even I feel trumpish…moments where I turn into a momster rather than mom ready to unleash.

At times I feel this pandemic is a diabolical brainchild of some awfully pissed of mother in law enjoying her prey go cuckoo while enjoying a pack of nachos (any resemblance to anyone living or dead is highly & purely co incidental).

Before 2020 barged in.. the lady in the house was fairly sane, perfectly balancing home, kids, the man in the house and work……..come 2020 and this beautiful multitasking creation of God has updated to a new version of herself The momster Inc. fast and furious.

As if cooking from dawn to dusk, clearing up the mess the nth time, refereeing between kids, handling man flu (dont get me started on that pleeeeeez) and handling your own job was not enough, hell broke loose with work from home entangled with E-learning……. goodness there’ve been days I wished I was called Rumpelstiltskin😈 so that it will be hard to call me. Trust me my heart goes out to all the teachers who have to handle all these and still manage to look composed and calm on cam…its not easy to repeat a 100th time to turn on the video with a smile stuck on your face….its not easy to keep smiling while your student foolishly keeps munching despite being warned….I’d rather not discuss the background events they have to put up with🙈🤦🏻‍♀️.

This pandemic is definitely any woman’s nightmare….with 3 kids and e schooling I’m literally hovering n buzzing around in the room crazzy…..the little lady cant find her specific pencil despite having a few in her pouch which suddenly are not her favorites at the last minute, the other chap hasn’t logged in 10 minutes past the schedule for no reason whatsoever…… while I have to keep a hawks eye on the elder one( there are moments where he gets lured to Roblox.. The momster keeps it on check)… chargers…stationaries…..missing books…glitchy internet.. cameras turned off…. u name it and its right there grinning at the wacko me……and I cannot imagine how working women are managing this whole mess without blowing up.

All due respects to the momsters out there… one can handle it the way you do…the light in you can brighten up the dark abyss…..and like they say….

Its hard to be a woman(hellooo…goodmorning)

you must think like a man (ehh🙄😏…)

act like a lady (what’s that🤔🤔🤔)

look like a young girl (who’s bothered anyways)

and work like a horse(with panache)……



(dedicated to all the nurses working tirelessly)

When in doubt just close your eyes,
I’ve heard there’s an angel by your side.
arms outstretched with a welcome smile
no wings, no nimbus seen all this while.

To heal with a touch and calm you down,
on her toes to lend a helping hand day in day out.
locking in her innate frets, anguish and doubt
holding back her fears as tears drown.
Leaving those tiny eyes stranded back home,
a part of her rips up as she treads off.

Dressed in white donning a brave front
strokes of healing touch filled with love
reviving the sick as this soaring dove
wraps you gently in her wings of love.

When in need she is a friend to lean on
like family she stands by you, head on.
Makes your bed, brushes your hair, tends your wounds
weary eyes, bereft of food she still holds the ground.

Angels of God spread their wings of love
out in abyss no cape, no shield, and no fancy name
The true superheroes set out to save the world
hail the ivory phoenix rising from dust to fame.

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Inas Rehman.


Stay home Stay safe is the way of life now,people staying put within their homes without a choice. Suddenly hygiene and health have taken the center stage making everything else seem insignificant and mundane, but during all this mayhem the warriors in white hold on to their ground and retaliate… the medics and their team. I take this as an opportunity to show all my respects to my classmates, friends and everybody else who are making it work out there. You need to have true mettle to come out of the comfort zone and work selflessly in a lethally infected front.

Back in high school my affinity towards medics had led me to king of medical thriller Robin Cook, totally addictive and adhering as he weaves up some very spine chilling plots keeping us at the edge of our seat. ‘Contagion’ was one of the books I read long back which unveiled a horrific side of medico legal industry.A very gripping story, which keeps you glued to it till the last page…a lethal virus at loose….a series of nosocomial infections giving a diabolical twist to the plot. All the while as I read nowhere did I.. in my wildest dreams imagine that at some point of my life I would have to live that book in real.

Today a footloose maverick virus has put the whole world to a standstill like a movie on pause…. a world which was in a mad rush running behind power, money and fame has fallen face down. Countries at the verge of breaking into war, people rebelling corrupt systems around them, a handful of morons in power busy weaving up a bigotry holocaust, each and everyone filled with pride and treachery…..all of this bites the dust and crashes down before you bat an eyelid…..thanks to an invisible and imperceptible microorganism.

Till March 2020 the word quarantine was limited to labs and experiments for me, never had I imagined it to be a part of my life so deep. Deserted roads, empty malls and fear in everybody’s eyes…the whole world in the same frame. Chaotic hasty mornings, tailgating vehicles, frantic phone calls, running errands…….each and everyone in their own world hardly lifting up their eyes from their phone……extravagant weddings, night outs, pubs, parties, globetrotting…….all these have been swapped in a flash.

Today man has kneeled down in front of something he cannot see, touch or feel…..natures wrath unleashed to bring back its sanctity and harmony. No smoke spitting vehicles ….no deadly chemicals set into rivers…..spending the much needed moments together with your loved ones…..families calling up to check on each other, the four walls have turned into homes…….a simple realization has dawned that health is wealth, cleanliness is godliness and home is where heart is.

This transition plateau can be a wonderful opportunity for human race to slow down and get a grip on themselves to cherish life in its raw form. Be thankful for being alive, for the fresh breath of air, for having a family to lean on, for the next morsel of food, for being blessed with a home to stay protected,for having a job to rely on, for the freedom to walk around , for having friends and neighbors to check on you……all these were the utmost luxuries being overlooked and taken for granted. A moment to introspect and straighten the knots, to dust off the old grudges and differences……to patch up those cracks and trenches in relationships. To connect with nature and to reconnect with self bringing out the singer, dancer, designer, painter, baker, tiktok’er, and what not.

These are moments of revelation where human Gods and preachers got sidelined and the real heroes took over aka ‘the medicos’ who are in this mess neck deep. Being a medic who’s not in the field currently, I feel proud seeing my fellow mates risk their lives despite the innate fears and insecurities….hats off. Leaving your family and stepping into a high risk zone realizing how exposed you can get to an extremely dangerous microbe and still donning a brave front can be a harrowing experience. True respects to Dubai ruler H.H.Sheikh Mohammed who said that “true power doesn’t lie in economy and politics, it lies in healthcare which shapes the former two at a time when a disease has brought nations to a standstill.”

These days will make way into history and we lived to see it so stay home and stay safe, like someone quoted ” If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.

The mallu diary

Throwback to school days, back in Delhi being called a mallu seemed to belittle me. Kerala only meant the 2 months get away destination from scorching Delhi heat and full on pampering by grandma, aunt and cousins. Delhi meant home and comfort for me back then, but it dint take much to change my perspective when I got exposed to a broader spectrum of Kerala.

What actor John Abraham spoke in a recent interview about Kerala triggered this write up, he beautifully exclaimed ” the beauty of the state is that a temple, a mosque and a church all exists within 10 meters peacefully co existing without any issue” . There is so much beauty and serenity in this remark especially when you look around and see much of hatred and disregard in our country .

Gods Own Country kick starts with a crisp, green, sun kissed, glitter tipped, dew drenched mornings…..sounds heavenly isn’t it? Push back the drapes and your eyes span the beauty of raw nature, thin streaks of smoke drifting away from the clay roofs into the day spring, there is so much happening around that its hard to absorb so much beauty in one go. Look down your window and you see the cobbled lane bustling away into the daily chores, the fish vendor howling his throat out leaving a trail of water from his crate, a bunch of kids making their way to madrasa while temple devotees make their way back home. Lift your gaze to the swaying coconut trees and you’ll see men inching up the tree to fell the coconut up from the crown dodging the pedestrians, electric cables, homes, vehicles and all the mayhem at the ground level.

Whilst you feast your eyes on the visual ecstasy, your nose will probably pick the fragrance of a myriad blend of spices and culinary delights. Yes! we mallus love to play with flavors, colors and textures. There are 14 districts in Kerala and they all have their own distinctly different cuisine, dialect, dressing and culture.

At the break of dawn 2 distinct divine calls welcome you simultaneously, the divine mantra from temples around and adhan from mosque so much in sync that even the birds contribute their melancholy in joy. There is so much beauty in this blend that anybody will instantly fall in love with early mornings, I’m not sure in how many places one will get to experience this serenity. The beauty of dawn spans from the sky to every eye which greets the other with a twinkle and good wish. I hope this sense of belonging thrives in every person around and it gets etched into every child’s heart. People call it God’s Own Country where the greens stretch into your barren hearts rekindling love and harmony.

People might have their own religious and political differences here, but they thrive and evolve together. I wont claim that its a crime free zone, the difference is people turn superheroes here during distress. They resist, protest and retaliate, while some fail some make their way into the history to be remembered forever. Now sitting miles away when I see this small state emerge as a power packed epicenter of revolution, perseverance and resilience my heart puffs up with pride.

Simple things…simple people…simple lives….sometimes the only need is a change of perspective and setting our priorities right. From a fisherman to the 21st richest man in the world all under one roof for one cause with one anthem, wish I could see more of this amity thruoughout…..

A birthday note

I see you,
The first when i opened my eye,
The first touch of love as i cry,
I see you,
The first to tend to my skinned knee,
The guiding streak in the abyss for me
I see you,
For the strongest of them all,
Moments of doubt and you stand tall.
I see you,
As I stood alone while things went haywire,
with me, like a rock to the wave and water to fire.
I see you,
As a speck in your womb to having a speckle in mine,
my angel in disguise putting everything in line.
I see you,
As a reflection of how i want to be,
Like a shadow always next to me.
I see you… and forever……
…………Inas Rehman.

Now a days birthdays are not very inviting since ageing is a despicable process especially for women. Well, you see unlike before nobody gives a gift or cooks specially for you or to make the matters worse wouldn’t even remember the day , unless you decide to pamper yourself. Now if at all some generous soul decides to surprise you, the after party mess is the delightful gift for you to snooze on.
This birthday I thought I’ll put my thoughts to words, I thought to write for my mom, something which 80’s and 90’s kids might relate to.

While mothering 3 little one’s I realized its not all that hunky dory and smooth as my mom made it look like. Either our gen kids came with a super easy user manual or our gen mom’s were superwomen, either ways I seem to be on a constant trial and error mode. Ever since I remember.. I’ve seen my mom on her toes round the clock without cribbing, keeping every tiny details in place at right time without any kind of short cuts or external help.

I always woke up to a scrumptious breakfast freshly cooked each and every day without fail, never late and never disappointing .There were no weekend blues, no eat outs, no zomato no talabat, no laundries, no maid and no backups to fall back on. While on this I’m sure many would agree to the simple fact that our’s were the real supermoms in every sense. Anytime my mom would think of sitting down to get a breather,my innate brat would come up with an unwanted desire to eat something special….and she would instantly work up her nifty self from the scratch to something totally yumm. My kids ask me something in my “me time”….and the first thing they get is a nasty glare….but thanks to the genetic composition somehow I manage to pull it off to keep them happy.

Our moms were definitely the sweetest badass moms, who knew exactly how to discipline and groom while keeping us morally and ethically sound….they knew where to draw the line and when. Effortless, seamless and composed this is the aura surrounding them, allowing us to evolve and explore without losing the foresight.

On the other hand our gen of millennial mom’s are often labelled as ‘lawnmower moms’, ‘helicopter moms’…. ‘tiger moms’ and I recently came across the ‘over protective moms’ a set of confused humans who have turned into a teacher’s terror!!!. While I worked as a kindergarten teacher, I came across all these variants who are mostly on a ready to attack mode for all sort of mundane and silly reasons. Currently… an average mother is running door to door handling ADHD’s, screen time, anxiety disorders, pediatricians, counselors, creating prodigies to name a few which hardly mattered till few years back.

Education and freedom of thought was a luxury for our moms and if you all carefully observe, you’ll realize she is the window to a perfect wife, a perfect mom, a perfect grandma, a perfect homemaker….the best lifestyle coach/motivational speaker/skill developer u can have. While we are running dusk to dawn to mint money and make it big and the leftover time absorbed by the tech in our palm, we end up skipping a few too many milestones. So, why don’t we just slow down a bit and appreciate those wonderful people who are still there in our lives, because… trust me those who don’t have… know exactly what it feels like. Take out time sit with her if she’s next to you, call her up if she’s not next to you, say a little prayer if she’s left for heavenly abode….let your kids grow up watching you do this.Appreciate their mere presence, appreciate what they have done for you and what they still do for you, appreciate them for what you are today, appreciate that one cup of tea which she still manages to brew up for you, appreciate those feeble fingers wafting through your hair with love…….simply appreciate…

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother”….sums it all up.

A treasure trove

As I span my memories back I realize life has been a Pandora’s box of surprises indeed, waiting to unfurl its beauty at every step. The childhood wonder years in a fast and friendly metropolitan city like Delhi, crazy and fun filled college days in Kerala’s most user friendly, loving and food maniac city Calicut and finally ending up in beautiful city of lights and golden deserts.

Post school was a tough one with a head on decision to move to Calicut for higher studies, which at that time was like a blow on face … leave your thick friends and family and starting off solo aka hostel life beckons.

Well the hostel walls have witnessed some of the most prized emotions. Moments of friendship and fun, of sharing and denial, of innocence and sheer craze, of hookups and break ups, of restrictions and of living no strings attached, of late night studies and coffee at outset, from sloppy to dainty and many many more.

What started off as a dread for me is my biggest life support till date, my any time ready to fall back on system. All those who have spent their wild years in a hostel would definitely take a quick run down the memory lane with a little giggle in their smile.

Those days were not technology smitten sans mobile phones, leading to all sorts of silly crazy stuffs and one of them was sitting together and actually talking through the nights. Sneaking out to each others room after wardens night patrol was the usual thingy just to catch up on that last bit of gossip that was left out or to dig into that last cookie sent from someone’s home. Giggling away to glory when shut out of the gate for reaching late by mere 15 minutes huh! and begging to be let in. Getting yelled at for goofing around and squealing while we piled on to one another like toddlers.

Things were so simple back then, happiness was effortless and sought after,there was less of hatred and more of amity, love was treasured, there was innocence in air and people took out time to smile at each other. The mantra….Keep it simple and hold on to your karma.

I can go on and on as with every year these memories seem to get etched further more into my system, making me realize how prized and beautiful these moments were. “Youth has no age”-by Oscar Wilde holds true in every sense, because every time I retrospect, it acts like an elixir and with this elixir of youth I will cherish and relive the golden days again and again and again…………….


Few steps down the memory lane
as I stride through my smiles and pain
the young in me bubbling in zest
in a bid to caress the horizons unseen
Hail the exuberant me I'd been
Oh! it was there, should've seen it coming.

It came so stealthily staring into my eyes
the world around me transforming i could see
it was a fairy tale opening its arms to me
the trees were dancing and wind humming
Oh! it was there,should've seen it coming.

A wild storm on loose it rambled in head on!
sweeping me off to a world of its own
of longings and aches seldom known
if only had I known the ordeal looming
Oh! it was there, should've seen it coming.

A heart so full of high hopes and glee
giving wings to fly soaring high so free
what eyes couldn't see my heart did feel
of epiphanies and passion, a woman into being
Oh! it was there, should've seen it coming.

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