The Momster Inc.

Knock knock !..who’s there?

its me hell

hell whoo?( read as helloooo🤝🏻 for the tired minds)

namaste please🙏🏻!

This year was totally determined to challenge Darwin…..dint spare even Trump..I could imagine him swearing 🙉relentlessly at the virus😜. Well…cant blame Trump here…there are certain days when even I feel trumpish…moments where I turn into a momster rather than mom ready to unleash.

At times I feel this pandemic is a diabolical brainchild of some awfully pissed of mother in law enjoying her prey go cuckoo while enjoying a pack of nachos (any resemblance to anyone living or dead is highly & purely co incidental).

Before 2020 barged in.. the lady in the house was fairly sane, perfectly balancing home, kids, the man in the house and work……..come 2020 and this beautiful multitasking creation of God has updated to a new version of herself The momster Inc. fast and furious.

As if cooking from dawn to dusk, clearing up the mess the nth time, refereeing between kids, handling man flu (dont get me started on that pleeeeeez) and handling your own job was not enough, hell broke loose with work from home entangled with E-learning……. goodness there’ve been days I wished I was called Rumpelstiltskin😈 so that it will be hard to call me. Trust me my heart goes out to all the teachers who have to handle all these and still manage to look composed and calm on cam…its not easy to repeat a 100th time to turn on the video with a smile stuck on your face….its not easy to keep smiling while your student foolishly keeps munching despite being warned….I’d rather not discuss the background events they have to put up with🙈🤦🏻‍♀️.

This pandemic is definitely any woman’s nightmare….with 3 kids and e schooling I’m literally hovering n buzzing around in the room crazzy…..the little lady cant find her specific pencil despite having a few in her pouch which suddenly are not her favorites at the last minute, the other chap hasn’t logged in 10 minutes past the schedule for no reason whatsoever…… while I have to keep a hawks eye on the elder one( there are moments where he gets lured to Roblox.. The momster keeps it on check)… chargers…stationaries…..missing books…glitchy internet.. cameras turned off…. u name it and its right there grinning at the wacko me……and I cannot imagine how working women are managing this whole mess without blowing up.

All due respects to the momsters out there… one can handle it the way you do…the light in you can brighten up the dark abyss…..and like they say….

Its hard to be a woman(hellooo…goodmorning)

you must think like a man (ehh🙄😏…)

act like a lady (what’s that🤔🤔🤔)

look like a young girl (who’s bothered anyways)

and work like a horse(with panache)……


Published by rehmaninas

there's a tad bit of spark in me and to this spark I belong #I choose to light up a few candles and shine along.. #I choose to remember and be remembered for all the good things around #I choose to unfurl love and happiness in everything I surround #fly high in the sky with my epiphanies, yet feet firm on the ground.#

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  1. Nice one Inas 😍👍 enjoyed reading! Story of all the Moms these days😂 perfectly written💖. Keep writing!


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