(dedicated to all the nurses working tirelessly)

When in doubt just close your eyes,
I’ve heard there’s an angel by your side.
arms outstretched with a welcome smile
no wings, no nimbus seen all this while.

To heal with a touch and calm you down,
on her toes to lend a helping hand day in day out.
locking in her innate frets, anguish and doubt
holding back her fears as tears drown.
Leaving those tiny eyes stranded back home,
a part of her rips up as she treads off.

Dressed in white donning a brave front
strokes of healing touch filled with love
reviving the sick as this soaring dove
wraps you gently in her wings of love.

When in need she is a friend to lean on
like family she stands by you, head on.
Makes your bed, brushes your hair, tends your wounds
weary eyes, bereft of food she still holds the ground.

Angels of God spread their wings of love
out in abyss no cape, no shield, and no fancy name
The true superheroes set out to save the world
hail the ivory phoenix rising from dust to fame.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is grunge-retro-stamp-made-with-love-vector-6710537-1.jpg

Inas Rehman.

Published by rehmaninas

there's a tad bit of spark in me and to this spark I belong #I choose to light up a few candles and shine along.. #I choose to remember and be remembered for all the good things around #I choose to unfurl love and happiness in everything I surround #fly high in the sky with my epiphanies, yet feet firm on the ground.#

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